Modeled after the former King of Abominations, Oredreth and the present divine guardian of Helyanwe Drek'Thar the Jeweled Chimera's Tattoo Ink was discovered on the corpse of a Frost Giant in the artic region of the south-eastern Hemisphere. The item was located using the magical talents of Vivel Arytiss, who with the help of Lord Anaric traveled to item and defeat the giant who held the item. Afterward the two returned to Vrist where Vivel held onto the item. It is unknown at this time whether Vivel has bonded with the item or not. Lord Anaric did however hear that she would not be traveling along with the item while hunting for other ones and that she would keep in the item hidden until she returned.

[edit] PowersEdit

Teleport to Creation Location:

It is rumored that each of the items holds the ability to create a portal from one location to the location of the item's creation.

[edit] AssumptionsEdit

With a name like the Chimera's Tattoo Ink of Change there is no telling what the item could possibly do.