This Campaign meets every Friday at Botch games in MIddletown, PA.


The campaign takes place on the continent of Queden east of Tynixia and west of Nalzar in the Northern hemisphere. The continent is made up of several kingdoms constantly in conflict with each other. The major kingdom that takes up 3/5 of the continent is known as Leedention is made up of 5 former kingdoms that banded together under the banner of the Goliath Emperor Leeden the 47th. After the continent of Nalzar fell into ruin by the dark powers of the god Maussierre, he turned him gaze onto Queden and made his move. With his massive army of undead, demons, and elementals, Maussierre laid waste to all in his path except for a small village on the eastern coast known as Apollia. The reason why this small village was spared is still unknown and as to this day it still stands strong. Each of the former kingdoms were at one time at war with each other and if not for the constant threat of danger from outside the kingdom then they would be killing each other again. Emperor Leeden has been known to be a harsh and powerful man but has always strived to ensure safety and prosperity to his people. It is said that Emperor Leeden's ancenstors were chosen by Zeus himself to rule the people of the mountains and one day unite the kingdoms under his rule. However it is unsure for exactly how long this was supposed to last. With the threat to the south building a giant great wall to cut off the boundary and the threat of Maussierre slowly disappearing after the incident a year or so ago, tensions have began to surface more and more within the kingdom.


Players can fill this section with any information they want about themselves and the characters they play.

DM Sterling

DM Abbeckett

Dani as Arabella Silverheart