Players in attendance

  • Sterling as DM and Swordmage companion
  • Mike as Malice
  • Pete as Ash
  • Josh as Ryu-zen
  • Twinkie as Neaomuth

The group began its adventure in the city of Krakenau.  As the adventurers awoke, they found that they had lost the ability to perform their abilities and that their magic items were not working.  After some discussion, the group headed to the town square where they met the council of Krakenau who made the announcement that the town would go under marshal law until further notice.  Baron Thykis made it clear that he would personally kill anyone who disobeyed and the group decided to report to the town guards to lend a hand.  The group decided to check up on the local communities in the county and make sure everyone was okay.

While exploring the area and checking up on the local citizens, the group came upon a small village being attacked by several goblins.  The group easily disposed of the greenskins and proceeded to help out the survivors.  The locals were glad for the aid and asked the group to see if they could pin point the exact whereabouts of the enemy goblins.  The group tracked the goblins back to an odd cave and once they arrived, they found some demon-possessed greenskins and other foul creatures.  Once inside the cave, the group found an icy fey maiden who was fighting being possessed as her guards stood by unable to help.  With some successful skill checks, the group was able to save the fey, who turned out to be the Ice Queen of the feywild.  She gave the adventureres some treasure and told them that she would owe them a favor should they ever need her help.  The group thanked her and returned to Krakenau.