Hello my fellow dungeon raiders, this is DM Sterling. As of today, July 25, 2010, I am calling the current Saturday campaign off until further notice. In the meantime I will be editting the wikia, making new things, progressing some story elements, and searching for new thumb|300px|rightopportunities. If the Saturday group wants to meet up together and work out something then I'll come and moderate but I'm not holding everyone's hand here and making you guys work something out. So until we meet again, may the winds be at your back!


Hey guys,

Looks like we got quite a few people who are still dedicated enough to play. Next Saturday we are planning on having a sit-down and brainstorming session at Crystal's. Punch and Pie . . . erm I mean . . . there will be cake! So if you are still on board to play and want to have your voice heard, let Crystal or I know. Tyvm, see you guys soon!